What is Oct8ne?
The ultimate tool to bring eCommerce relationships to life

OCT8NE is a Magento plug-in for eCommerce companies that fuels sales growth by allowing you to leverage personal selling skills online. The heart of the experience is an agent-assisted search process enabled by proprietary co-viewing technology. It allows you to engage live with your visitors, helping them more quickly find and choose what they want to buy. By naturally and proactively introducing sales agents into the online purchase process, they can better match customers with the right products, and have the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell. It only takes a few simple clicks to get started bringing a better level of service to your customers.

Who is Oct8ne for?
OCT8NE is designed for any Magento eCommerce site who wants to use a greater depth of product selection and product knowledge to combat the dominance of algorithm driven mega-sites.

It’s for any company that:
• Wants to increase conversion rates, sales, and customer satisfaction.
• Wants to strengthen customer relationships by providing personalized service
• Wants to offer an in-store shopping experience online.
• Has associates with category expertise that can help a customer during the shopping process
• Already uses live chat or is considering an online customer engagement tool
• Is looking for a way to differentiate themselves from bigger, more impersonal competitors


What can OCT8NE do for my business?

Increase Conversions

Whether a customer shops by category or via the search bar, OCT8NE offers a non-intrusive way to help them find what they are looking for and keep them on your site. Offering assistance and providing expert advice when they need it most results in fewer carts abandoned or never filled.

Increase Order Values

Your agents can now bring personal selling skills to the conversation. Instead of simply engaging in customer service, they can help shoppers compare and select products, giving them the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers love using the OCT8NE viewer because they can find and choose what to buy more quickly. Once they've experienced OCT8NE's seamless shopping experience, helped when needed by the personal touch of a knowledgeable sales associate, they'll come back time after time and you'll be able to build a long-term customer relationship.

How can OCT8NE help me compete against algorithm driven mega-sites?

Few businesses can compete with algorithm driven mega-sites when it comes to price, breadth of selection or logistics. To ensure their livelihood, eCommerce companies must find their competitive edge through personal service. Instead of having a computer generate guesses for products of possible interest, have one of your sales associates tailor a personalized solution for your customers.

OCT8NE provides the suite of tools necessary to add a human touch to your site, allowing your sales associate to give timely advice and information that go far beyond simple product descriptions and formulaic product suggestions.