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Reshaping the way eCommerce thinks about online sales.
Find info on how and why to engage in personal selling online, news on coviewing technology and the latest on Oct8ne.

How to find an influencer for your brand

Surely the term influencer rings a bell. They’re those people that have a ton of followers on social media and can advertise your product or service so other people buy it.

Payment methods for your online business that you might not know

In this article we’re not going to talk about the typical payment methods that everyone knows, like TPV, PayPal, wire transfer, or cash on delivery.  Instead, we’ll go more in-depth: the latest payment trends on and offline will end up converging thanks to omnichannel interaction.

Why the company ‘Cuidado con el Perro’ has started using Oct8ne’s coviewer

Items from Cuidado con el Perro can now be found in almost 40 stores throughout Latin America and it is, of course, a brand that has made the leap to e-commerce. Their company has opted to use Oct8ne to interact with its users.

How to avoid post-holiday returns

We haven’t gone crazy with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, but the busy season isn’t over yet.  Now, with the holidays coming, purchases go from being compulsive to well thought out and the goal isn’t to find the best deal, it’s to find the best gifts.

Six essential trends for e-commerce in 2017

2017 will be an exciting year for e-commerce, just like 2016 has been. What’s coming up isn’t only international globalization and explosion. At the technological level, a real revolution is coming our way: dash buttons, chat bots, innovative payment methods, etc.  We’ll summarize what will have the most impact!

How to increase conversions by optimizing your e-commerce’s prices

We have talked a lot about techniques and strategies to increase e-commerce conversion.  We’ve mentioned increasing usability, re-marketing, cross-selling or up-selling and a big etcetera of Anglo-Saxon words, but really, what’s the main reason a customer doesn’t make a purchase in our e-commerce?

The four main benefits of customer service software

Have you ever considered the time we spend looking at a web page’s statistics and trying to interpret what implementations for improvement we can derive from that data? Many of us have asked this long question, hopefully you have too.

How to tell the story that defines my brand

Something that’s usually forgotten in an online store is the “who we are”, which is one of the most important aspects. Defining who is behind the brand is the only human contact we have with the final customer beyond delivering their package or making a phone call.

How is Amazon’s customer service?

It kicks butt. I could finish the article here but I´ll try to extend it a little more and give some reasons. So, why does it kick butt?  Because you’ll find few customer service desks where you’re right 99% of the time, no questions asked.

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