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Reshaping the way eCommerce thinks about online sales.
Find info on how and why to engage in personal selling online, news on coviewing technology and the latest on Oct8ne.

How to use Oct8ne if you’re a small business

If your company (still) isn’t one of the big ones but you like to keep up with what’s going on in marketing and are always looking for tools that give you an additional advantage, we congratulate you!  Oct8ne is for you too and adapts perfectly to the needs of a small business.

What you can (and can’t) learn from Starbuck’s customer service

The fact that Starbucks is a money-making machine is known around the world.  The same is true for a company that has one of the most refined business models in the sector or knows how to redefine the rules of a stagnant market.

How to detect leak points in my online store

History repeats itself.  I invest in capturing through PPC, I improve the SEO as much as possible, and I do email marketing campaigns; but I don’t know how to detect the vanishing points of my online store.  So that means, all this effort and money is being wasted.

How to know if your sales funnel works and how you can improve it

A basic concept that any e-commerce has to deal with on a daily basis is the sales funnel.  We usually see it, analyze it, and tinker with it, but is it effective?  Let’s take a second and find out if my sales funnel really works.  At the same time, we can look at a couple … Continue reading How to know if your sales funnel works and how you can improve it

Chatbots vs Humans: What kind of attention is best?

Chatbots are becoming more and more popular, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the best option. Can a bot replace the experience of interacting with an agent? The answer is very simple if we make it personal: Do you prefer speaking to an automated telephone or do you ask to speak with an agent?

The challenge of attending customers online like you would in a physical store

It doesn’t matter what products or services your online store offers, how much you’ve worried about optimizing the user experience on your website, or how clear your shipping and return policies are, you’re always going to need customer service to solve the problems that arise.

How to find an influencer for your brand

Surely the term influencer rings a bell. They’re those people that have a ton of followers on social media and can advertise your product or service so other people buy it.

Payment methods for your online business that you might not know

In this article we’re not going to talk about the typical payment methods that everyone knows, like TPV, PayPal, wire transfer, or cash on delivery.  Instead, we’ll go more in-depth: the latest payment trends on and offline will end up converging thanks to omnichannel interaction.

Why the company ‘Cuidado con el Perro’ has started using Oct8ne’s coviewer

Items from Cuidado con el Perro can now be found in almost 40 stores throughout Latin America and it is, of course, a brand that has made the leap to e-commerce. Their company has opted to use Oct8ne to interact with its users.

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