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What is an agent?

The agents are the people who will use Oct8ne as representatives of your website. Each agent can create a personal profile and has individual access to the tools panel.

Will I be charged a licence fee for each agent that has the platform?

At Oct8ne we believe that it is very important that a customer can identify when an agent has provided them with good customer service. The fee relates to the number of agents who can be active at the same time not the total amount of agents registered. You contract licences for a certain number of live agents, this means that you can have as many agents registered as you want, but only the same number of live agents working at the same time as the number of licences contracted.

Can I change the number of agents that I use?

Yes, it’s easy to add agents as your business grows. In the administration panel you can add or delete agents at any moment.

Can I change my number of contracted licences?

Yes, in the administration panel you can add or delete licences at any moment and the price will be recalculated according to the licences contracted in that moment.

Will Oct8ne impact the performance of my website?

No, our software quickly loads on your site after your pages have already loaded. Any time Oct8ne is used, the interaction is hosted and stored on our servers, not yours.

My website isn’t constructed with any e-commerce platform. Can I install Oct8ne?

Yes, the Lite version can be installed on any website. All you need to do is embed the script code in your website and you can start working with Oct8ne.
For the Pro and Enterprise versions, we currently have a plug-in available with Magento or API, easing the installation process. Our technical support service will also be available to help you whenever necessary.

Do my agents or customers have to install anything on their computers to use Oct8ne?

No, Oct8ne doesn’t require installations or downloads of any type. It works completely in the cloud. (Cloud-based system)

Does it work on mobile devices? Is it responsive?

Yes, Oct8ne is completely adaptable and is optimized for mobiles and tablets. Due to the fact that Oct8ne is more than a simple chat system, the agents should use a computer to take full advantage of the tool’s different features.

Can I see what is on my customer’s screen and visa-versa?

No, the Oct8ne system respects everybody’s’ privacy. It’s a tool which allows you only to see photos and video together in a shared space, but neither party can see anything on the others’ device, unless they share it intentionally in the Coviewer. Discover more information about the differences between co-navigation and Coviewing. Click here.

Can I customize the look of Oct8ne to adapt to my corporate style?

Yes, our product lets you upload your logo and select color combinations, as well as select access points and different communication channels, such as email, telephone or chat. Create CSS style links easily that activate the Oct8ne Coviewer from any area on your website.

Do I need an agent on my website 24 hours a day?

Of course not! You can always use Oct8ne if you want to, but you can also choose to use it only when you need it; when customers contact you by telephone or email, or you can even choose for Oct8ne to advise you when you have a potential customer on your website. This allows you to work on other tasks and attend your customers simultaneously.

How do I pay?

You can make payments monthly or annually. You can manage your payment details from the administration panel. During the 14 day trail we won’t ask you for your bank details.

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